Welcome to the website for the Platt Research Group

The research group comprises of three subgroups. Materials and Fluidics, fundamental research into nanoparticle synthesis, investigating the creation of multifunctional biocompatible particles within microfluidic devices. Aptamers, we engineer the surfaces of the materials to be biocompatible and equip them with a capacity to selectively target analytes though DNA aptamers. Sensors, using electrochemical and  tunable resistive pulse sensing, TRPS, to characterise nanomaterials and biological particles.

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Key Words -  Resistive Pulse Sensing, Nanopore, Nanoparticles, Aptamers, Particles, Magnetic, Electrochemistry, Electrodeposition, Surface Chemistry, Biomarkers, Analytical Chemistry, Materials, Flow chemistry, Microfluidics. 

Funding  - We thank the following organizations for the support and funding. 


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